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News by sector

  • Connectivity of things, services and people will have an impact on security solutions
    AES, the Spanish Association of Security Companies, has said that “the main challenge for our industry over the coming years will be, as it traditionally has been, the protection of life and property.” To do this, “we consider that adaptation to IoT technologies will drive development in the physical security and electronic surveillance industry.” The association observes “Five megatrends that we must make the focus of our strategy: energy efficiency, globalization, urbanisation; demographic change, and Internet connectivity.” They said, “especially the connectivity of things, services and people will have an impact on security solutions by offering opportunities that do not yet exist in verticals such as retail, transport and logistics, sports venues and hospitals.”
  • New Legislation Marks a Turning Point in the Personal Protective Equipment Sector
    The new regulations on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are a turning point for the sector, says Asepal. “The entry into force of the new regulation on the marketing of PPE has become the cornerstone of this industry. After legislation that has been in force for the last 25 years, companies face a process for PPE recertification that will involve a review of their strategy, as well as their product catalogue.” The Association of Personal Protective Equipment Companies (Asepal) explains that the main changes introduced by the new legislation are about the production process and marketing of PPE. It contains a more precise definition of the responsibilities of each of the agents involved in manufacturing and distribution.
  • The Fire Protection Sector Shows its Commitment to Sustainable Development, Greater Professional Standards and Social Awareness
    Achieving sustainable development will be the biggest challenge for the fire protection industry in the coming years, says TECNIFUEGO. “This development must be based on economic growth, legislative renewal that encourages professional qualification, increased training and social awareness,” explains the Spanish Association of Fire Protection Societies. Economic growth must be based on competitiveness. “We must be more competitive, improve customer service, and help customers understand that in fire safety, the efficiency and reliability of an installation are directly related to the professionalism of the company that installs, maintains and manufactures it.”
  • Replacement Plans for industrial doors: FIMPA’s solution for upgrading existing automatic door installations
    Spain’s National Federation of Door and Automation Manufacturers, Installers and Maintainers (FIMPA) has held a workshop on safety of industrial doors in collaboration with the Madrid Regional Institute for Safety and Health at Work (IRSST) to provide more information about the sector as part of its planned action campaign aimed at H&SW specialists in the Madrid region. The Federation highlighted the importance of doing more market surveys and promoting Replacement Plans to encourage adaptation of existing door installations, promoting the CE Mark and implementing the recommendations in inspection reports by the Ministry of Industry.
  • BFT presents Botticelli Smart BT A, the new electromechanical operator for residential installations
    BFT has presented Botticelli Smart BT A, the new electromechanical operator for residential installations, with new and important features. This is an electromechanical operator for sectional doors of sizes up to 16 metres under heavy use, which is the latest novelty in the BFT world. With its simplified mechanical installation you can work faster and install in half the time. With its compact design and an even faster motor, the Botticelli Smart BT A is among the best products of its type. In addition, the U-Base software allows you to ensure fast and efficient support service for customers, and remotely, too.
  • The DEA Installer application allows the professional installer to programme and manage automation installations in a simple and intuitive way.
    DEA provides the DEA Installer application for professional installers. It enables you to programme and manage AED automation installations in a simple and intuitive way. Specifically, the company explains, it enables you to programme the control panel parameters quickly and accurately, as it has a simple interface and provides a description for each programming option. And new functions can be made available by updating the card’s firmware, and you can make a copy of each installation. As the company emphasises, “you can reset the parameters and register transmitters with just a few clicks.”
  • AUPRO/KING GATES presents its new star products: two motors for more advanced and durable up-and-over and sectional doors
    AUPRO/KING GATES has presented its new star products. Two motors for more advanced and durable up-and-over and sectional doors: ELEVO 1000 and the new NUEVO ROLLS. ELEVO 1000 is the new motor from AUPRO/KING GATES, automation for sectional garage doors up to 16 m² and up-and-over doors 11 m², even more powerful, with reinforced belt and tested for all circumstances. As well as being even more durable and efficient, it is also very simple to install. For larger doors, we offer the NEW ROLLS, automation for sectional garage doors up to 23 m² and up-and-over doors up to 14 m². What’s new in ROLLS? Our new control panel, the ESTRELLA ROLL, is simple to configure either manually or using the AUPRO/KING GATES SPECIALIST app, which allows you to programme the control panel from your smartphone.
  • The demand for culture, an attraction with a major presence at FITUR, represents more than 50 billion euros for Spain
    In Spain, the demand for culture represents more than 50 billion euros and, according to several studies, activities linked to cultural heritage in the European Union as a whole generate revenue of around 350 billion euros per year. Furthermore, to a growing extent, the cultural heritage is closely related to other economic activities such as tourism.

  • More than 500,000 international visitors practice mountaineering in Spain, a type of nature tourism with a major presence at the Trade Show
    More than 500,000 international visitors choose Spain each year as a destination for mountaineering tourism. Moreover, annual overnight stays associated with nature tourism in our country amount to 35 million. Besides representing a relevant economic sector as a source of revenue and jobs, nature tourism also contributes to preventing tourist activities from becoming a threat to biodiversity.

  • 20% of European tourists seeks sustainable destinations and services, a trend that will be confirmed at FITURGREEN
    30% of European tourists is aware of the needs and values of sustainable tourism, nearly 20% seeks green destinations or services and 10% plans all holidays in this way, according to a study conducted by the International Ecotourism Society. Among the markets with the greatest sensitivity to this tourism modality is Germany, where 65% demands a quality ecological environment and 42% believes it is important for the accommodation to meet appropriate sustainability standards.


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