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  • SICUR 2018 has surpassed all expectations
    This year’s trade fair saw large-scale attendance and commercial dynamism, with the participation of 645 exhibiting companies and the visit of 43,732 professionals from 81 countries, representing an increase of 12% and 3.4%, respectively

    55.23% of professionals registered for the event were from outside Madrid and 8.5% were international visitors

    FORO SICUR, the conference programme of technical seminars, attracted 2,500 participants

    Organised by IFEMA, the event took place from 20 to 23 February 2018 at Feria de Madrid
  • Slice introduces Ergo pull™ technology
    San Jose, CA, February 19, 2018– Slice’s 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife introduces a fresh approach to ergonomic thinking in the safety cutting industry. Retracting utility knives have sliders that, when pushed, expose the blade for cutting. The contradictory actions of pushing the slider while pulling the knife during the cut cause unnecessary strain. Slice asked: Why not pull both the slider and the knife?
  • Slice incorpora la tecnología Ergo pull™
    San José, California, 19 de febrero del 2018– El cutter retráctil inteligente 10558 de Slice es una manera innovadora de incorporar la ergonomía a la industria de los cutters de seguridad. Los cutters retráctiles tienen deslizadores, que cuando se empujan, exponen la cuchilla para cortar. Estas acciones contradictorias de empujar el deslizador al mismo tiempo que se tira del cutter durante el corte provocan tensiones innecesarias en la mano, así que Slice se hizo esta pregunta: ¿Por qué no tirar de ambos: del deslizador y del cutter?
  • The new challenges when faced with terrorism to be discussed at SICUR 2018
    Security and emergency services representatives from London and Barcelona will participate in the round table "Nuevos Retos ante Atentados Terroristas: lecciones aprendidas” (New challenges when faced with terrorist attacks: lessons learned) which is introduced and moderated by the Firefighting service of the city of Madrid within the framework of the SICUR FORUM programme

    Furthermore, during the conference day "La empresa ante el terrorismo Yihadista: amenazas y medidas de seguridad” (Companies and jihadist terrorism: threats and security measures) organized by EFITEC FORUM, the current situation and the main recommendations for companies will be analysed

    SICUR, organized by IFEMA, will be held from the upcoming 20 to 23 February in Feria de Madrid
  • Precision is an Extension of Your Finger: Introducing Slice's Precision Knife
    San Jose, California - February 16, 2018 - Slice's newest craft knife is a perfect combination of comfort, precision, and strength. The Precision Knife is made for industrial use. Workers in fields as diverse as manufacturing, electronics, and medical laboratories enjoy its exceptional tool quality, which enhances their detailed applications. The 10580 Precision Knife's striking design is as practical as it is novel.
  • Renowned experts in Cybersecurity participate at the new SICUR CYBER event at SICUR 2018
    A point of contact to talk about Cybersecurity, to examine challenges and threats and to learn about solutions

    SICUR, organised by IFEMA, will be held from the upcoming 20 to 23 February in Feria de Madrid
    STEELTECH®30 The high-tech technology
  • MASCOT launches a range of light and flexible footwear
    MASCOT launches a range of light and flexible footwear

    A new generation of safety footwear from MASCOT is now available through a distributor near you. The footwear is made of lightweight materials, and the finished products are some of the most lightweight footwear on the market. At the same time, the flexibility at the metatarsal region is in a class by itself. Say goodbye to heavy, rigid footwear that gives soreness in the feet and back, and say hello to MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FLEX.
  • New Challenge footwear
    Challenge footwear: when it comes to comfort, this range promises to challenges everyone, thanks to a mix of features enhancing user’s wellness.
  • SOS PARACHUTE the parachute equipment for evacuation from vertical heights.
    SOS Parachute equipment, the safe option as last chance of salvation in height: skyscrapers, indicated as safe equipment in vertical works, wind towers, oil rigs, etc.


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